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Lutetium Games

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I do agree that the game does lack of story and content. I will try my best and improve this next time. Thank you for playing

Your criticism is well said. I do agree that my game fell flat in terms of story and details because I am busy at school, but it is not an excuse for the faults of this game. I will take note of all the things that you said in this video to help improve my games in the future. If you wouldn't mind, you can follow me so you won't miss any future games that I will develop.

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It's nice to hear a constructive critism, it really does help me to see where can I improve. I was aiming for an atmospheric horror game which consist of no jumpscares but filled with fear of the unknown. And thank you for playing.

Thanks for playing the game!

I do appreciate your comment on my game and thank you for playing. :)

The game didn't crash for me when I entered A-2-1, but rather it loads very slowly (10 seconds approx. time). I have updated the download files, try the x64-bit one if you have a x64-bit windows. If the game still crashes, reply to me as soon as possible.