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I been avoiding this game for a bit and I can't remeber the fist time i seen this. The last thing I remeber was the cat lady (neko), slime girl, and a bee of some kind. I don't know where or what the "cannon release date" is but right now I am trying out this game in 1/8/2020 and currently 19 of age. I been hearing a lot of possitive talk about this game with my weired internet furry friends and I finally chose this day to try the game out. I didn't expect a charater to be close to around the same age as me, that is if the "release date" is around Jun 20, 2019. Ara the neko would be older then me by a few mouths (that's if we are not including to dates in game), close tho. I'm still not sure if Jun 20, 2019 would be considered the cannon release date. I fill like this was created much sooner then that. Anyways, besides that I haven't gotten far in the game but it seems really amazing. I'm taking a college class on 3D moddling and seeing how clean this game plays is blowing my mind. This is the first 3D envirnment game that didn't make my pc drop frams. Even the characters look amazing and clear. I wouldn't mind following this project though and see how well it turns out. Hope the hard work is being payed off like it should because this looks like a gem for sure.