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I've loved this game !

To be quiet honest, there is no word to describe how wonderful this game is ! The disign is beautiful, the story well made and interresting, and the music is exeptionel !

Truly, the music is very good and really put you in the mood of the game (sorry for my english...), it's a very pretty music and isn't repetitive,and the changement of the ├╣usic matched perfectly the change in the ambiance. In short,  it was perfect !

The design is absolutly marvelous, from the background to the characters design, the baground are very pretty and really put you into the story and each characters have a design that match theirs personality whitch is very well done !

And the story is very original especialy considering that the theme (fairytales) is very common, so it wasn't easy to do something not already done, plus the heroin personality is for once very original and her backstory well written, I liked that she wasn't the typical  heroine that we often see in otome games, here she has a real personality (real flaws and she's  human and not perfect for once...)

Plus the romance is well developped throughout the story.

So in conclusion, congratulation to the developpers ! I really hope you will succed because you have a lot of potentiel ^^