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That sounds wonderfull!! I would love to play more games similar to this one, the vibe in it is so calming and entertaining!!

I relly liked the game!!! Is nice to see a Non-Horror RPG Maker game!! This was beutiful and i would love to se more games like this! Or perhaps a secuel?  A continuation would be fantastic!!

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I sincerly loved the game!!Its beutiful and engaging, and leaves you reflecting about stuff! Just like it says in the trailer, being lost started feeling like home!!! I did get a little frustrated about the "Theres nothing you can do" becouse i wanted to change something and help out, but it makes total sense becouse in these game you are the story seeker, and that's all yo have to do.  

I  would love to join The Soryseeker in another adventure in a diferent world, so please consider it!!

Sorry for the terrible english! 

I loved the game!! It was asome, i got the 3 endings!!

It kinda remainded me of a movie  called "The PageMaster", have you seen it??