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Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it, you did really well on that last go.

Hi TJ,

thanks to your great feedback (and others) I've put together a simple learners mode into a new release. Feel free to take a look and let me know what you think.



Thanks for the kind words. But oh man, I was laughing myself silly watching your reactions and words when playing my game. What a great video and I'm totally hooked man. I hope it didn't frustrate you too much. It is a bit hard core and I've only had some feedback on how hard it is. I have been thinking that maybe losing the nectar between lives is a bit harsh. I'm meant to be working on my next project but every time I get some feedback it gives me more ideas to 'perfect' the game. How about a 'learners' mode? Maybe start with less baddies (I think also level 2 might be easier than level 1).

some answers to your questions:

The shots come out in the direction you last moved / are moving.

The bonus letters appear if you shoot 4 baddies.



Fantastic. I shall enjoy a watch tonight. Cheers

There is a temp.  .tap for available. This has no loading screen

thanks. Great video, as usual.

Let see what i can do.

Thanks. Ultimate was the influence. How you enjoy it

I wrote it from scratch using assembler.

Just came across your port. Fantastic work, a brilliant port. Love it!