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grunge gamer

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Amazing music, delightful writing, fun story, and the art is so nice to look at.

what a beautiful game. gorgeous art, ambience, and music. it was so interesting seeing this world in pixelated sidescrolling style after seeing in 3D. great job.

It's not opening up in full screen (and there's nothing in the settings to change that), and it's changing my resolution to be way smaller. It's distracting to play a game that's taking 3/4 of the screen and what you can see of your desktop is huge...

Any way to fix this?

This was so cute and fun, I've always wanted a CXG game so this was a dream come true. For a first game, this is amazing, great job!

The art is really detailed and nicely done, I was really impressed with the characters actually looking like themselves (that's always hard when doing pixel art) and the level of detail in all the locations. The forest setting was gorgeous.

There are some perfectly written jokes I could imagine on the show and great in-jokes in the art and collectables.

I only wish we could've heard more music from the show, the little we heard of West Covina was amazing :)