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Do we use your username on the website (0x72) for credits?

Thank you for your help! :) I really appreciate it. Your informations will help me to create a cool looking game! I will show you a preview when I will a something to show. Maybe I will need your help to design my levels. :P

Your sprite is awesome, but can you help me with something? I'm a beginner in game development and I need  some explanations for yours animations. I don't understand the action of yours animations. Is it possible for you to write the action of yours animations? Or maybe can you create a gif to see frame in action to understand?

It's for pratice, but I really like your assets. I would like to create the game that you wanted to create with these graphics. I will send you a message when I will have something to show :) and  I will credit you.

Meanwhile, I will try to understand. I apology for my bad english.