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my operating system is 32 bits , 3 gb ram , screen resolution i use the automatic of the game (when you click full screen) but i will see , this version of the game is 6.11 (win 32 ),intel celeron GPU G530 2.40GHz (2 Cpu)  . the game run 100% perfect , 60 fps , only this error its a problem for me. 

(im am a brazilian and my english is so bad... srry) on the 32 bits version of the game (i dont know if have on 64 bits) all the imagems,frames, everthing is pink,purple and other colors ,like corrupted files:  can you resolve this bug? (obs ; the title screen are everthing ok , but this bug happen every time that i try to play)

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this game looks good (Srry for my bad english , i are brazilian) , i know that have a test server but , are a good idea making a "private server" , using ip 

or making a tutorial.
this game will be on the future one of the best games ever 2019