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Lunatic Sun

A member registered Dec 16, 2020

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Hi! I have played your game but found one fish 0-0 Which makes me wonder if there are more fish there and if they give something extra... or maybe it was just one of the items demanded by rat but I found it before it even asked for it...? Hopefully I'll get the answer

I liked the game, wish it was longer and more difficult lol. But it is wonderful for kids.

It is the rage caused by injustice that goats have endured in our dimension that probably fuels those white red-eyed animolz! Loved that hardcore and the humour.

Bruh, it cuts badly... (6п6) (Yes, it's beautifully made tho, loved it)

Lol. It's kinda challenging, but... n... nn.... yeah, that's enough

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Lol my laptop couldn't handle it, movements were slippery like yoghurt x) the game is cool tho! And I wonder what that milk was for... an Easter milk? hmm. Anyway, here's a bit of my meme-play

(Material that failed to record: Eventually I reached the blue button and pressed it, but fell off the bridge on my way to the cube lol)

The game sucks! Oh, wait, it's the opposite...! I suck in the game! Which is cool. 

Hope you'll expand it, it could become a real saga if combined with some plot. The dudes somehwat remind of Robocop and old Mortal Kombat.

I still get confused on when to dodge, though the game has many UI hints which also reminded me of Patapon. Makes me wonder if you actually thought about that game when making your project (0u0)

Game's fun, crows are more deadly than in Bloodborne xD