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Luna Stardust

A member registered Dec 11, 2020

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Omg omg omg YES! Now I really have something to look forward to playing after exam season.. maybe not even after, I probably won't be able to wait 馃槶馃槶馃槶 guys, thank you so much

I want to know if this is possible too!

Thanks for always replying so quickly! Here on itch and also on steam~ I know devs can get pretty overwhelmed messages so it's nice to feel heard :) Although I was a teeny bit afraid of the horror elements, I wanted to give it a try since the first game I played from you guys was Our Life and you guys DELIVERED on that game and no surprise here, this game was also pretty fun even as a spin-off :) Keep up the awesome work!

Funny enough I really loved the art of this game so I decided to play it first instead of XOXO Droplets, but now I feel like I need to get the full story so XOXO Droplets, here I go! (Everett is bae <3) Can't wait to get this voiced and the dlc content to come out

I was wondering how much does choosing a different species for the MC affect the storyline or is there no major significance except for bonding with some characters?

Just finished the OG game yesterday (can't wait for the next episode~) So I had to hop on here to get the dlc! It was so cute <3

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Just finished downloading this yesterday night and finished this game today! Can't wait for the next episode and for the whole story to be out <3  Damon is really growing on me (but ofc Bash and Vexx as well) Amazing job, Wanderlust Games! 

Gotta now get that dlc :3 

(Also Damon is now my new dp)

Demo is good! Blushing spirtes are good - will try out the game when it's fully out

Hol' up, is this the same person who does the art/thumbnail for CDawgVA (Connor) on youtube??