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I GOT YOU HOMIE! Get all endings ! than, after that say ALL THE ANSWERS that PLEASE HIM ! Than you'll get the secret ending!

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also here's all the happy answers and angry answers in case you might need help lol (chronological order)

angry answers: (They're annoying and gross!) (Hell no!) (They're annoying as hell!) (No way!) (Yes) (Nah) 
happy answers: (They're pretty cool.) (Yeah..) (They're fine I guess.) (Yeah that sounds pretty good.) (I'm guessing no..) (Y-yeah I am..)

heres a mini walkthrough on how to get all endings so spoilers below! loved the quick game devs! :) <3

you get bodied: make him angry (duh) or at least the last question his mood is pissed

you live (yay!): keep his mood happy as much as you can! say what he wants you to say (duh)

you're stuck with him!: keep his mood neutral at the last question, balance your answers by making him mad and happy

secret ending.. get all 3 endings first, then say EVERY ANSWER that pleases him

sadly to say this but toki discontinued the game, they announced it on tumblr :(

Dang, this game is probs discontinued they haven't posted on their official twitter since 2018.

cool game ! do you plan on making a mac version?


I loved every second of this game. I enjoyed the plot and the characters too, especially Draco and Dino. You're crazy talented to be working on this independently!! I look forward to the rest of the game!!! :DD

It's on youtube :) 

i want the personality of Retrograde ;0;

im not part of their patron ;; i guess i have to wait yeah ?

hello !! i really enjoy the characters, plot and of course the some much effort and time you put into this game !! i love it ! i look forward to the future updates dev ! (and Keisuke ,, hes my favorite :D)