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Tower Wiz community · Created a new topic Discord

This is where i am most active, and post announcements as well as a devlog.

This is a great game! exactly what a platformer should be. nice visuals, good music, and good gameplay. I was a little confused at first because i did not know you were supposed to drag the phone around, but other then that it was great!

I'm glad you liked the aesthetic of the game. It was fun making it seem like someones room. Sorry you couldn't beat it :( . I hope you will at least check out the playthrough and see the rest of the game.

I made a full playthrough video like they suggested, but it's not showing up on the left so here it is.

really nice style! I love the painted look of it and the spider is cute. Nice song and sounds. Finally, the game play is short, but interesting. Good Job!

it's in the pipe above you when you start. you need to climb up to it. I'm glad you like it so far, hope that helps.