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Maybe soon I can add those features...

Hi, nice to hear that you liked it!
I just watched the video,  it was very entertaining with the voices, plus the last time I completed the game was a couple years ago so it was nice to see the whole game again.

The character size was because the original game had a fixed resolution, and now the Unity version runs at a much higher resolution, so sadly there's lots of empty space. And yes, I see that having the character names would help a lot.
I'm planning to do a sequel to this game, and will probably be much better now that I'm a more experienced developer :)

So you were trying to paste a file from the clipboard then?
It only supports copying a image directly from a image editing software, but I guess I could easily add support for pasting a filename, either jpg or png :)

Nice video, thanks!
The hit box problem is something that really needs to be fixed to make the game more enjoyable, I'll work on that

Thanks, I liked it and posted about it in my twitter :)

Ok I will try to add mouse support soon

Ok I will try to add mouse support soon

Hi, just to say that there's a new version now with a newer version of Unity, the mouse now should work :)

For now press Alt + Enter to get out of fullscreen (works at least in Windows, not sure if same in other OS)

I'll add a proper color selector to the "todo" list, thanks for the suggestion, it is a good idea

Hi, I'm indeed using Unity 5.6.0, thanks for reporting this bug, I'll update my Unity version and post a new update soon (just need to finish some new features!)