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Right now I don't have access to a Mac, but once I do I will update it.
However if you know the basics of Unity Engine you can just load Dither Machine source code there and export to Mac yourself.

It requires a bit of creativity, you generate a dither pattern here, then export it as separate layer to Photoshop or whatever, and delete the parts you don't need.

Dither brush did not exist before in asesprite, in fact the creator of asesprite commented about this project when it was released, and it was probably the reason he added the dither brush. Also not everyone uses asesprite, and not all pixel apps have something similar.

Only saw your reply now, looking through the video, thanks a lot for playing!
Great to see that you are still making videos, you just got a new subscriber.

Thanks for your message!
Looking now at it, I agree that the puzzles are a bit too hard, I'm even suprised lots of people made it to the end, I could not finish it myself now when I tried. I actually never saw Saw 2 or any other Saw movie, but I understand that some concepts could be similar.

I'm currently working on a new game that is kinda like a sequel, this time with way better puzzles, so stay tuned, I think you will love it

Hi there, in case you are still interested, the code is now fully open source, you can modify it as you need!

Thanks for your feedback!

This game has created in 2 days only,  but later I might turn into a full project and I'll polish all those little problems :)

Maybe soon I can add those features...

Hi, nice to hear that you liked it!
I just watched the video,  it was very entertaining with the voices, plus the last time I completed the game was a couple years ago so it was nice to see the whole game again.

The character size was because the original game had a fixed resolution, and now the Unity version runs at a much higher resolution, so sadly there's lots of empty space. And yes, I see that having the character names would help a lot.
I'm planning to do a sequel to this game, and will probably be much better now that I'm a more experienced developer :)

So you were trying to paste a file from the clipboard then?
It only supports copying a image directly from a image editing software, but I guess I could easily add support for pasting a filename, either jpg or png :)

Nice video, thanks!
The hit box problem is something that really needs to be fixed to make the game more enjoyable, I'll work on that

Thanks, I liked it and posted about it in my twitter :)

Ok I will try to add mouse support soon

Ok I will try to add mouse support soon

Hi, just to say that there's a new version now with a newer version of Unity, the mouse now should work :)

For now press Alt + Enter to get out of fullscreen (works at least in Windows, not sure if same in other OS)

I'll add a proper color selector to the "todo" list, thanks for the suggestion, it is a good idea

Hi, I'm indeed using Unity 5.6.0, thanks for reporting this bug, I'll update my Unity version and post a new update soon (just need to finish some new features!)