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coming back to say i finished the game and it was incredibly well done, i loved it.

it's okay ^^

ty for fixing the bug in advance! coding's a bitch lol

i think there's a bug w the kitchen where pride is? idk he went back into the knocked over bin/basket after i checked the fridge and i can't interact with it or progress the story anymore

Lemme tell you I played this a while back and I am HYPED for a full release

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I'd love to see this expanded upon, more levels etc. i love it

The sort of piano effect when you enter certain colors is quite literally music to my ears, it's fun and smooth, the style is lovely and I would love to see a bigger game made out of this

couldn't have said it better myself

hello there


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Well, that ending gave me trust issues, thanks lol

But seriously, amazing game. I second Atroniac and emdibrew completely, those 2 said it better than I ever could. It played upon multiple of my values and beliefs and just... fully recommend. 

This is gonna sit in my head for a good while. 

It's a really cute game, and I love the art, music and message! Really fun to pass the time with! There is one little bug though, if you let the wind carry you off the map far enough, you can walk around on the water, and if you try to get back on the dock/wood, it will teleport you back to the water. It doesn't really affect trying to play the game seriously though, just thought I'd mention it!

My friend made an Amino for this game if anyone wants to check it out!(if I’m not allowed to comment this sort of thing, then tell me and I’ll delete it)