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As far as I can tell it has to be something that registers as an actual device on your system... you might be able to do it with virtual cables....

what security program is this? the one I use didn't catch anything.

For anybody that is lost in setting up and using the program this and many other tutorials are available on youtube

to use any extra features for customizing your streams you need a capture card to hook up to a computer that has the program on it.

Try setting your hotkeys on the program before you start up the game? If it's not that maybe you should check if you're accidentally setting your hotkeys to actual keyboard commands and shutting it down? 

Very straightforward program to set up and use. Shows great potential. Audio and facial tracking works great.  Sad that it only has female models or I would recommend it to more people.

use the chroma key filter for any software with a green screen.

If you have a capture card that hooks up with your pc from your console you can do all sorts of customizations.

Thank you so much for providing this software for people to use. Much appreciate it.

You have to go directly to the location of the file and open it up on an art program to replace the arm with either a custom drawn arm or a vr arm and then save the file in the same location you found it. The same practice should apply to the other images as well. Remember to pay attention to where the cursor indicator is when customizing the arm.

I don't know if this will help but you do need to keep the tabs open for it to run properly and you can add the chroma key to filter out the green screen. You can have other tabs running over top of it however you cannot minimize the tab or the spud program will close and it will no longer capture the tablet or arm.