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A member registered Aug 03, 2016

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I played the demo and honestly I'm loving what I've seen so far (and I pretty sure I haven't seen everything the demo has to offer yet). I feel like the battle system might use some improvements, though, for example, it's almost like the characters get -too many- abilities from the get-go. There are so many status effects you're dishing out all the time it gets a little bit confusing, plus it kinda makes it feel like those status effects don't matter all that much. Especially since you're only limited by cooldowns, so there's really no reason not to spam them all the time. Also, the attack animations and the various icons don't seem to match the overall aesthetics of the game.

With all that said, I know this is just a demo, and a lot may (and probably will) change in the full version. So, given that the story is intriguing, the graphics are lovely and the music charming, I'm looking forward to the full release :D