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A member registered Dec 24, 2023

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thankssss this game is wonderful


amo este juego, el interés romantico esta hermoso 

a wonderful game, it's really good, but i'm so sad

my baby my baby you're my baby. no chichos no acepto esto 

no no lo digas

i'm crying

guys what is going on

its really good, i really like it. amaizing!!!!!

los dibujos son hermosos, todo esta tremendo

  The drawings are beautiful, the story is spectacular, everything is very good.

throughout the game I was like this: 0 and then I was like WHATTTT IS HAPPENING, what a wonderful game, mrca esto esta buenisimo. joder revivieron las novelas visuales

a magnific game, really good, espero que continue por que me encanto

aughhh that was crazy i've never actually experienced that sort of atmosphere a game before, it's absolutely electric

te daría todo mi dinero si pudiese por crear tan hermoso maravilloso increíble juego, no puedo dejar de jugarlo es increíble, que gran creadora 

i really love this game,so wonderful

me gusto mucho el juego, muy bueno, buenisimooo nojoda

I love this game, it's amazing. I will give you all my money for the full game