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Yeah, I just found a small networking bug I introduced a while back but didn’t catch until recently. False alarm :)

Hey! I really appreciate the interest! I’ll come back to this eventually but right now I’m polishing my design and development skills elsewhere before I come back to this project (that I deeply love and care about). Think of this like my training arc :)

Hey! Thanks so much for taking a look at the game and leaving a comment. I really appreciate you bringing these bugs to my attention, particularly since the ready button issues have an impact on player safety. I’ve uploaded a new build (0.8.2) that should fix the ready button issues at least.

As for the other features you suggested, I’m currently taking a look at what a public lobby for this game could look like and whether it’s something I have the capacity (time/energy) to build in a safe and responsible manner.

Again, thank you so much for playing this game!

thanks so much for checking out my game! glad you had a good time :)

aha i did not expect people would want to play with strangers but y’know what? lemme see what that would take to get set up :)

hey! thanks for checking out the game - I didn’t think people would want to play with strangers but y’know what, lemme see how much work it’d be to get a roomlist or something up :)

Oh! Interesting! Did you get this error while playing in the browser, or in the itch app?

I'm on Photon's free plan so I don't actually know how many users this will support. If you have any issues connecting, that's probably it and you can try again later :)

i did the sex, thanks!