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My father doesn't allow me to buy things online especially the games but when I grow up and gain my own money I wıll buy thıs game  T^T  I really loved the first game its the best VN that I played so far thank you so much for all your efforts!!!

I fell in love with your art style <3   

waaahh I'm so happy to see the ch 4  >.<  I'm really excited to play it .  I hope we can see the english ver very soon ^^  Thank you very much for all your efforts Lydia <3

Awww the letters part was so touching <3  I hope Mark-senpai  played this amazing game ^-^

waaahh I wasn't expecting how it ended in first timeline XD  I really liked your game <3  Good job!

wow that was a deep story ... :/ 

Haha thank you for correcting me 💚

So      A D O R A B L E    <3

I wonder if Mark-senpai  knows this game haha XD

I wanna play it again next year it was AWESOMEE!!!  Thank you for everything ^-^ 

Your game was heartwarming  yet sad  <3 and while I was playing I questioned myself  if little me had a imaginary friends before?  I really don't remember ....   but I wonder if do you remember your Imaginary friend and how she/he looked like :) 

The art  , controllings , story , characters , endings ...... EVERYTHİNG ABOUT THİS GAME WAS AWESOME!!!!   I really liked it thank you for your all efforts ^-^ 

I played the free ver and Iiked  how the story ended like...  haha XD

I liked the game but I couldn't find the hints about the bathroom knocking part  XD  where and what was it ?

The game was reaaly beautiful but it felt like demo :/  It would be be awesome if it was longer and have  different endings :)

umm I have a question...  It was really short for me I got 3 bad  1normal and  1 true endings but I didn't spend 7 days . Did I play it right? ^-^

Yayyyy more Corpse party XD