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Really curious if there's a secret or anything in the end of this? Got a tuber and found pink text talking about burying things...

Been getting the UI set up, and cutscenes operating. Brief demo video:

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We ended up switching to Unity as I couldn't figure out any easy way to hold arrays of data in Clickteam Fusion. But in Unity I'm able to load tables from .CSV files. So now I can tweak values a lot more easily, to make sure everything has a good progression.

This is a basic example of how the game is laid out. There are several "Stages" that the game goes through, changing the background and objective as the case progresses. By the end it should get pretty Weird. My next step is implementing the dialog cutscenes, which will be triggered by various progressions. (Whether that be buying some clues, getting a certain number of leads, etc.)

Pyranda will probably come by to post some more art progress.

That'd be awesome! We don't have either planned out yet. Drop me a line on Twitter!

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Hi folks! We're a husband-wife duo working on a kinda silly kinda spooky game for this fun jam! We've just laid some of the UI groundwork at this point, and mapped out the general story direction, but here's a little progress shot showing our plucky protagonist!

Really cool so far. I like the mechanic, and the story so far is enticing. I'd love to see a continuation!

Good tension here, I think you really got the atmosphere down. Would be neat if expanded into a full simulation-story ala Papers Please and such.

Good humour and good mechanics. I found a bug where the default resolution cuts off the right side of a later level. But other than that, had a lot of fun and was chuckling at a lot of it!

I like the concept, though the momentum seems very difficult to manage. If the vessel is stationary, does the 'around' mode cause it to perform a perfect orbit? Or does it just give it a bit of lateral movement?