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There's an instant death spot that I'm assuming is a glitch. You can walk into/ through (basically clip through) the wall near a horse statue and will die instantly.

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Ok so I admit I entirely suck at rhythm games but this game goes way too fast for me to comprehend what I need to do before it feels like I'm straight up failing. Beyond that the notes seem to be off but I don't exactly understand how calibration works. (Might be partly because of the lack of my own skill.) I think I'm just going to stick to Cuphead or Dark Souls. (I'm better at those two games and both these games don't cause as much pain in my fingers as this one has.)

Edit: I can do one song with some problems... (The highest I can get is a C) I have to guess the notes because sometimes they don't even show up when Nami does it.

Beyond that I can't do the baking one at all. Some parts of it seems completely out of line with the song that you can't rely on the beats at all to complete it. 

Other issues I have is even if I get it really close to right it will be completely  fickled on whether it's right or wrong. Even adding your own spin makes it wrong sometimes even if it's in beat with correct notes and sometimes it will be ok if you completely miss notes. (Which doesn't make sense at all.)

I can't get the game to work by what is explained in install instructions. When I click on the shortcut it just says there is a problem with it and what it refers to is unavailable.

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I'm at the verge of tears right now I dislike the queen she's much too hard for me... I'm thinking about starting the demo over again because I think may have made it impossible for me some how...

Edit: I just want to be able to share my sandwich with Steve...

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I can't continue in the game I'm stuck in a loop. I'm pretty sure I know what I need to do but the game wont allow me to do it... I think its a bug...

Edit: Not a bug just confusing/ unclear... I figured it out by watching another person's video but I wish I could have figured it out on my own... T_T

Thanks that worked.

Is there a way to put this into fullscreen?

I didn't see any options to and I have problems playing games in windowed mode.

The game runs very smooth with no lag. Only problems I had was with the clippers or razor seemly moving into the chin or cheeks and not on the outside of skin, some minor visual tearing, and button to finish doesn't always click right away.