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I'm at the verge of tears right now I dislike the queen she's much too hard for me... I'm thinking about starting the demo over again because I think may have made it impossible for me some how...

Edit: I just want to be able to share my sandwich with Steve...

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I can't continue in the game I'm stuck in a loop. I'm pretty sure I know what I need to do but the game wont allow me to do it... I think its a bug...

Edit: Not a bug just confusing/ unclear... I figured it out by watching another person's video but I wish I could have figured it out on my own... T_T

Thanks that worked.

Is there a way to put this into fullscreen?

I didn't see any options to and I have problems playing games in windowed mode.

The game runs very smooth with no lag. Only problems I had was with the clippers or razor seemly moving into the chin or cheeks and not on the outside of skin, some minor visual tearing, and button to finish doesn't always click right away.