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For the Pax 2016 Build of Continuum, to use keyboard controls:
Press the K key on your keyboard and you will be able to move around using either the arrow keys or WASD.
Shoot is spacebar, and escape is pause.

Press the numerical keys on your keyboard to test out all the different powerups as well. This was kept in for developers to show new people the different powerups available.

Much appreciated! We are in development for the next iteration. Consider it a "reboot" 😉

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Hi, this game is meant to be played on an Xbox 360 controller as it was the hardware we used to showcase this at PAX Aus in 2016. Using mouse and keyboard is available too but it was mostly used for debug mode, if you press the letter "K" (during the main game's scene) the player movement now is:
WASD/MouseLook: Move
Space/LMB: Shoot
Alt/RMB: Ability

We are in development for the next iteration of this game, consider it a reboot from the ground up! We will definitely cater to needs such as rebinding controls as they'll be pertinent in the next development cycle.