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This is great! Hope for adding language support?

Thanks, is this still working? :D I made it long ago :)

No, it's made from scratch :)

Thank you for the work. I am planning to rewrite this program and make it open-source, also then you could make a pull request directly to the PP repo :)



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intentional or not intentional. heroes of might and magic made the connection better. it makes a difference on sprites like 32x32 and 8x8 and sprites with 256x256 and 128x128, with bigger sprites the difference between them is not so eye itching.  

but the game is well made. I am just talking about the eye itching sprite resulution connection x)

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Well the game itself is awesome.. but as an fanatic of pixels - I am crying seeing pixels being resizesed that do not fit other elements of the game. I can understand UI has 2x scale and the game based on the zoom, but.. come'on heroes and walls and not the same size :/

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The game crashes my psp 3x :/

I shows loading, then my psp turns itself off

I will add this in new release.

Thank you! This version has levels made by me. I am working on a version which will have the original levels and more things that were in the original game.

What sprite pack is that on the screenshot? :)

wow thank you!

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Thank you, I like this game very much and I have been waiting for a long time to play it.  I think the problem is when the exe is compressed by Fusion it is recognized as virus. 

Anyway I hope you will fix it! Good luck!

Could you record a video of it? And also show config file and project files. I need to fix that, but I can not reproduce this issue.

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Hello Hayo, I bought this game year ago and I can't play it. I was waiting if someone had this issue too, but I don't see anyone compleing about this. 

The game is being detected as virus. The Steam version too. As I know you are using Clickteams software for this. The couse is "compress runtime" marked as selected. If you have this option selected then the exe is being marked by some antivirus software as virus, please disable it so I could finally play this game.

I had this problem some years ago too. So I hope this is the problem.

You are right about the arrows keys, I am working on a fix for that, so I can fix this in all my HTML5 uploads :)

Thank you! x)

thank you!

Will be open on Jam end :D

Why should he make it open source? Not every thing need to be, lol

Thank you very much for such a compliment :)

Helmets.. or portals :)

The version I use is v1.2.26x64 on Windows 10. I have basically installed the scripts and when I select it from the menu it just nothing happens.

Hey, It seems like it does not work on Aseprite version 1.2.25+.

What version do you use? 

Drift Boat xd

Turbo Pascal

Joke, it's made with Clickteam Fusion, good software for simple apps/games

For this app, i prefer the way it is now :)

You can test it on your device and write me the details, maybe

Like 5 blocks - small project

Maybe 50/100 blocks - big project

Will be implemented in new version

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I wrote down all the features you mentioned :) 

It will take me some time right now to add new features (kinda busy).  I will check whats wrong with the pasting/saving/loading.

Edit:/ Can you try run the app as admin? Maybe this will help. Cuz I do not see any problem with the code, I also have the loading and saving rewriten in alpha 1.1.

Or try loading from path like that "C:\Demo\"

Maybe your user name contains characters the program can't read

It works like this, so you can have your project and the _plan in jest one directory :)

But I will make a "fix", when someone selects the _plan that it will load too

Do you have Windows 10 and Russian language?

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Paste Image - pastes an image from the clipboard, I am going to replace it with selecting Image from files

Do you use the alpha 1.1? Couse 1.0 had some issues with saving.

Also when you create new project it creates the _plan directory too?

if yes check when you paste an image if the image shows there just after pasting