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Been playing this one available mission over and over again for like 4 hours today and will probably play it even more tomorrow. Considering it's a one man effort this game is outstanding. Had loads of fun. My rig is i5 3850k, gtx980ti, 8RAM, SSD and game never dipped below 60fps maxed out on HD screen. Coming from War Thunder, I felt discomfort with default control settings, when steering with keyboard and view with mouse in 3rd person view. It went a lot better when I have switched to cockpit view, but I still think 100% mouse steering alike WT would be more intuitive. (tried to change it in settings but that was quite tedious, couldn't get it right, so I gave up). Cockpit and hangar look very lo-res and bland, but this is to be expected during such an early stage. Waiting for more content. 10/10 would buy again.