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Thanks! We're glad you liked it! Very cool to see someone play it in a video.

You're welcome!

Hey there, just wanted to leave a little bit of advice. You might want to think about changing the font on your website, I'm having a hard time reading it and I can imagine the same problem for other people, since it's like a handwritten font.

Have a nice day!

I don't want to break your dreams or anything, but Bluestacks is like the worst for emulating an Android device during game development. So if the dev reads this, I can personally recommend the Genymotion Android emulator. I'm a dev myself and I use it quite frequently for Android stuff

I know this is totally off-topic, but I misread the title as "How do I get my slaves back" lol.

You seem like a good guy! :) Want to add me on Skype? Maybe we can help one another with some things, having developer contacts is never a bad idea ;) Also, I can just send you a copy of the code if you wish :) My Skype name should be 'djluuky' (without the ' ofcourse).

Generating maps can be quite difficult. I spent some time programming a procedural generator for 2D side-scrolling games with support for saving, loading and sharing presets. You can check it out on my website ( You could be able to data mine it for the code, make sure not to copy it though! :) It will take you quite a while to program something like that, and since you're still trying to understand it, it will probably be even harder.