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I know this is totally off-topic, but I misread the title as "How do I get my slaves back" lol.

You seem like a good guy! :) Want to add me on Skype? Maybe we can help one another with some things, having developer contacts is never a bad idea ;) Also, I can just send you a copy of the code if you wish :) My Skype name should be 'djluuky' (without the ' ofcourse).

Generating maps can be quite difficult. I spent some time programming a procedural generator for 2D side-scrolling games with support for saving, loading and sharing presets. You can check it out on my website (www.luukdomhof.com). You could be able to data mine it for the code, make sure not to copy it though! :) It will take you quite a while to program something like that, and since you're still trying to understand it, it will probably be even harder.