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Luke's Jukebox

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Hey! My name's Luke. I've had a bit of free time recently and I'm looking to help out with a small project. I've been writing music for small games for years and I've even won best soundtrack for a previous game jam. If anyone wants me to make any music and/or SFX for their game, dm me on discord!


Discord: Lukev5504#3251

this game is really fun! you could go so far with it if you added more diverse enemies, and maybe more bullet hell sort of boss fights. I already love the melee style, it makes it very nerving to attack enemies. Keep up the good work! :)

Loved it! adorable, short, and sweet. great job! <3

you definitely got me! great game!

Love the game! the music is great, the art and dialogue are goofy and hilarious, and the old jrpg style is spot on. I'd love to see what else you might make in the future!

This is the best game I've ever played

this is gonna be next mario for sure XD

Beautiful game! I left a review :)

Thank you! :)

Thank you! (full version in development!!)

This game is so cool! the level design is so smart, the art is so nostalgiac, the music is fuggedaboutit :italianhands:. I can't stop playing! Great job! :)

I have never played a game that has given me such a sense of pure childhood wonder and joy that this game has given me. Brilliant idea, never stop doing what you do :)

Love it! only wish you could walk on every surface but still a very nice game!

took me a second too, I found out through trial and error that you have to just jump at him and he'll take damage

I love it! Amazing pixel art, the music was enjoyable, and the game its self is really fun. If i could say anything bad about it, it would just be that in some of the maps I found it difficult so see what was part of the background and what was part of the platform so I blew myself up a few times XD.

Love the game! I think this game would be perfect if you made it for mobile. I'd imagine the smaller screen space would help the 3rd level+ not seem so difficult.

very nice game! the last part was a bit frustrating but i assume that was the point XD

love the mythology style! wish that there was an easy way to restart but still fun.  

Thank you so much! glad you like it :D

really cool idea!

Super cool core mechanic! I'm sure that you could "expand" XD on this and turn it into a really great full game.

SUper fun! only thing I say about it is that the moving platforms are a little wonky and if you fall off of anything, momentum can make you go sliding and flying all over.

The game's alright but that music is SLAMMIN. In all seriousness I'd have to agree with Misterm but with the addition of a more zoomed out player camera.