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I love this game a lot. It is one of the best games I've ever played. I've spent many hours on it. Believe me even I hurt my eyes due to long playing. I really appreciate the work and more importantly it is really free without ads. 

However, if there are a few things this game can become better I would say, based on my experience, can it be done in such a way that I can easily bombard the enemy units near my cities. And is it possible to make tile yields look smaller because they cover resources and tile types. It causes difficulties when finding information on those tiles. I don't know this is alright but it would be more fun if I can trade with city-states (rather than conquering them and taking all the resources they have hahaha) and the last thing sleep command should stop computer from checking on unit especially when i have a lot bombers in cities it is a little tedious to press a lot spacebar or if there is a setting that can help me with that please give me a light.

I believe this game is as good as it is. If you cannot change anything i mentioned, it would still be fine. I still enjoy the game very much.