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Luke Howard

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Currently only the booklet version has a form fillable pdf included. Working on an update for the full page version that will include that, but my schedule is kinda tied up until next month :/

Yep! form fillable pdf is up (with the typeface).

Glad they're workin for ya! Trying to include a single page version in the next update.

That is an equal mix of design and necessity. I don't like having a number written down for every skill, because people inevitably forget to update them as ability scores increase.  It takes up valuable real estate and clutters the page with a bunch of numbers. The calculation is super simple and all the numbers you need are right there.

thanks for the feedback, I'll take a look.

Yeah I could see that being helpful. It was hard to decide what to include. Noted.

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try my best to include a single page version in the next update!

Thanks so much! Yeah so i updated the zip file the other night and it now includes the font in the Filable PDF folder!

for sure, just hit me up in paypal and be sure to say what its for in the notes!

for sure, you can just hit me up at