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rtx graphics (jk)

the first time seeing ralt, i actually thought it was like muck but it isnt, its a game like raft

and stuck at 0 health even thought I'm alive

(1 edit)

 i fell out of the map, got stuck in a wall best game ever


i might make a mod for this game lol


first i found the exit and when i touched it my mouse unlocked and i could move it around freely and i can see it but there was no ui


and how do u even beat it?

this is the most highest low quality game also for some reason everything is BRIGHT but in the video and the screenshots its dark

no i dont miss it

i made a first person mod (and you can look up and down)

i made a mod for this game that turns it 2D lol

i uh found a bug

nope i just deleted the old ones

hi i saw you from my comments on one of my games

alt enter worked i only tryed f11

its literally in a window and its kinda annoying

well actually my first game uploaded to isnt really tower of obby i just hid the ones before it cuz its bad

im crying this is the most saddest game

no, its unity for ya

any other game company would just do nothing when there game get discounted

but you guys at spellbreak made the game playable after it got discounted

i have a way worse pc then the requirements and it runs fine

me who has a gpu from 11 years ago

i cant wait to play baldis basicas

can you check your discord please?

after like 2 years i finally got the game cuz you gave the game too me a while ago but chapter 2 wasnt out but now it is so i can play

this is literally portal 0

i already died it took you 1 YEAR  ONE YEAR to respond

hey do you remeber me? its been a while since we last talked

Do you remeber me??