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I love Russel so much. It hurts I can't date him 馃槩

THEY LOOK SO CUTE!!! I'm gay but EVEN THE ORANGE GIRL LOOKS CUTE!!! I can't wait for this one, I loved your previous game Begginings & Always!

Dang, I really hope things will work out for you in the end. Take care of yourself!! And I can't wait for this "big surprise" in the next update! Thanks for all your work!

Dang, ambitious. I like! Can't wait to see more!

Yooo, I can't wait for this!

Yes lizards are indeed awesome

This sounds sarcastic but I swear it's not

Oh great! I definitely can't wait to see more of the story then, I hardly ever see any furry VNs that don't focus on romance (not that that's a bad thing either).

Hi! This is a pretty good VN so far, I'd love to see more! But I was wondering, there is romance here right? And will there be male romance options?

I dunno, I played both and I still prefer Repeat.

Yuuichi sure is a great knee-chan

Pffft, puns

This game is great! I get to exprience my darkest fantasies without actully harming any actual person! Although one thing I would really love for this game to have (although absolutely fine if you don't want to add it!!):


Oh! Right, I just noticed you said that on this page as well, ahaha. That's what I get for not reading these things...Anyways, your story seems interesting so far, but could use a few more choices at the beggining. I'm still reading through it, but I'm excited to see more of it already! Keep up the good work 馃憤

Oho, I know the program you're using to make this! Are you planning on posting this to COG once you finish it?

We need more furry horror visual novels, I'm loving every single second playing this!! Also I can't be the only one who thinks Zach deserves every love and affection in the world

Basically the patreon version has more content than the public version


I'm always ready for a sad thing  馃憤

I skipped the last update in favor of getting a longer experience by the next one, and to say that I'm hyped is an understatement


Is it possible to get a heart for Roushk or is it not implemented yet? I love the big red softy

Same, 4!!

I love the little easter egg at the start of the game, hahahaha

Not every tiger is Torahiko

Mmmm yes, buff tiger content

Oh okay, that's good. Keep up the good work then!

This is pretty good so far but I really hope the CGs aren't just stolen from the internet, cuz I saw one of the CGs in a google search long ago

Oh okay, thanks for the reply!

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Hi sorry, I'd like to report a bug (?). The red error messages on the left show right after the 2 on the right. I'm using the itch app, tho this never happened for me with your game before till now. Version is 0.3.3

This is pretty fun actually hahaha, but it'd be even cooler if it had animations!

Oh! A game with polyamorous relationships! Definitely looking forward to that

I have NO idea what's going on

Does the love potion have any effect in battle? Playing the 0.12.5 version

I love Sissel so much HE'S SO ADORABLE

I honestly wouldn't mind the wait. I love this VN with all my heart

I don't mind it not being a dating sim. Was just asking so I wouldn't end up getting my hopes up, haha.

Anyways, looks interesting enough to try out.

Does the corruption stat do anything, or has it not been fully implemented yet?

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Uh, question. Is there/will there be romance in this, gay straight and everything else?

And didn't Ader used to be buff..?

You just revived my love for symbiots. Can't wait to see more of this!

Short, but beautiful