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OMG ENDING 6 WAS SO GOOD! Thanks for adding the walkthrough. Also, that makes the script even more impressive.

Super cute and enjoyable game! I really love the designs and the sprites. I couldn't get all the endings but I'll play around with it some more later. The video explaining the process was really interesting too. I noticed some typos  (understandable given the time constraint!) but they didn't detract from the story.

One of my favorite games. Its art style is really distinctive and interesting, and I'd never seen this kind of plot explored like this before. Some of the battles were tedious but overall it was an amazing experience, especially with the soundtrack.

I really love this game, even if some of the plot is lost on me. The gameplay itself is fantastic, I personally love the art style, the soundtrack is INCREDIBLE, and overall it was a very enjoyable experience.

One of my favorite horror games, and not just because you're braving all this scary stuff for your beloved dog! Reminds me of classic SH.

Very short but really effective game. Great portrayal of panic attacks in particular. 

Short but engaging game touching on some dark topics with amazing art! 

Absolutely amazing story with an important message. This is the kind of game that makes you reconsider some things about going through life. 

Simple yet effective artstyle with gameplay that requires you to think outside the box (and outside the game itself, hint-hint). It was rewarding to get something right and progress. 

This is the kind of game that really spoke to me. It touched on difficult, complex themes in an engaging way with its mixed media format. I found one of the characters in particular to be incredibly relatable. When I played this game, it was exactly what I needed that night to make sense of things. 

Awesome game! It's so impressive that there are animated cutscenes in a free game that's already packed with content. Great story, art, endings, etc. Well worth buying the DLC to support the game and get some insight into the development.

Looooved this game! Amazing message and really interesting plot. 

Super cute game! Wish I could meet a Spica someday... 

One of my favorite little horror games. It kept me thinking for quite a while afterwards. Love you Dr. D Light! 

What an amazing game! I loved being able to interact with characters from your other games too. Really solid story with a satisfying good ending.

Absolutely shocking amount of content for free, so it was well worth the $5 for the bonus art. Some of the plot elements confused me but I was engrossed the whole time and went through every route/ending. 

Eugene is best bro. Simple but very enjoyable game with an interesting premise. 

Amazing game! Really appreciated the extended edition content, especially the ease of getting all the endings. Loved the character designs too. 

Absolutely loved this game! What a great true ending. It's incredible that you made this in a month... Thanks for sharing this with the world!