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Hi, so this is the best new game I've played in ages. The idea of a shooter with a DMC-Style scoring system to encourage replays and high-level play, and the fact that someone has finally gone and done it, with some of the best goddamn combat I've played in any game ever, has me more hyped for this than practically any other upcoming game I can think of. That being said, I'd like to offer up a bit of criticism of the movement system, namely the fact that the slide and the slam are bound to the same button. This is unlikely to be a problem with enough play, but when first learning the game, having a button that can either give you a sudden boost of horizontal momentum, or slam you towards the ground has led to enough deaths from slamming myself into environmental hazards when I wanted to move myself forwards towards an enemy that I feel there's probably a better way to bind the keys so as to not throw first-time players off so hard.

Edit: Would also like to report a bug: In the first/second level, where you are originally introduced to breaking glass, if you bring some enemies from the room immediately before where you are first introduced to breaking glass into the one where you first break glass, they will often fall through the glass into the room below. Not a major problem, but just thought it worth pointing out.