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Oh, okay then

I got carried away and read it all at once 馃槄

You need to read remember the florwers, and you will change your mind.

N茫o creio :Ooooooo

Sure! Thank you.

yes... probably the same method as well as the heads of resoom have also been alive for over 300 years. so I don't think it's impossible for her to be the same. her father would make it possible.

yes I understand, but we also don't know how long she has been fighting resoom. At the time she may not have introduced herself as Cyrus would have known her true identity. it's a shot in the dark

Ooooh i'm excited! Thank you Dyne.

this codename gives an idea of a strong woman, and we know who her father is. the pieces seem to fit together.

Possible spoiler

Does anyone else believe that titania might actually be diana?

will the epilogues start to be written only after the end of dwayne and richard's routes? Just curious

Pra mim a do spencer 茅 insuper谩vel, mas essa parte na rota do harold me quebrou.

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thanks for the hard work as always, guys! you are awesome

Possible spoiler

it's just not clear if nik and sam actually lied to william at the "end" of nik's route


In other words, in the good ending they end up together, but in the very good ending, they end up together with a much stronger bond. I'm just going to say this so I don't spoil the surprise.

Spencer's route has a good ending and a very good ending

Same here!

the pattern I've observed has been like this: william, cliff, murdoch, nik. But, i think they can change it whenever they want

this appears at the end of chapter 2


following the sequence, build 21 will be the next nik's update, unless they change something

OMG! I am so fucking happy now. Thanks, guys <3

I'm glad to know, because they all deserve to be happy!

My biggest wish since I started reading this amazing story (regardless of the route) was fulfilled in this build 19. In my dreams it would be william instead of cliff in the animated video, but it was just perfect anyway. Thank you creators. Every second was perfect. It thrilled me.

I think build 21 is the next nik's update

Cliff is the next

there is no definitive definition, it is only said that there will be epilogues. will probably be the definitive endings of their stories, telling how they are living after the 35th.

It's not the end. there will be epilogues

it has been available for patreon for almost a month :/

Thank you!

How often will the updates come out this year?

Same here... gil is charming hahahah

all your fault! the story is so good it kills us with anxiety hahahha

Ok! Thanks for the work.

Thank you!

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Its really a updtate of public version or only a message from the creator? for now...

same here. I fall in love with spencer of extracurricular activities too. The best husbando ever

It's fine. I really love gil, lars and parker too.

S贸 aguardar... a hist贸ria est谩 praticamente no in铆cio