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cool little adventure. how many endings are there? i guess i found 4

Really fun. I like the satisfaction of getting better as game the game too. I made 12 pts. I made 12 pts 🤘

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Sorry to hear that, go for a refund in the menu ;) wink wink

I fixed, thanks for the report. It twas a bug when game ends on a tie/draw.

thanks for playing

I've enjoyed, well not really, controls are hard as they supposed to be. 

I miss that the doctors recipe weren't part of another puzzle. 

Great mood.

It was fun to play overall.

Haha great challenge, it's very gratifying to beat each level. im currently at level 5 xD

Hey, showing the pressed keys on the bottom (like your C64 version) is a great visual feedback to inform what and when is pressed. just say it can be useful here too


tested on a pc with mouse, maybe on a touchscreen could be nicer and smoother play

do you plan to improve on something? (I've seen on string synths with adjustable string's hardness/bouncing, and multiplying strings with a couple of slightly detuned harmonics)

Do you have any samples or recordings to share? :D

Pretty cleaver, I feel it enjoyable!

nice little puzzle. cute graphics and sound.

I really enjoyed it. Im glad to play your games


Really like the style, and the exploration point around a simple theme. Thanks.

(Should I do something after wining the match?)

Thanks for the game, I've enjoyed it 

It plays fine using wine

Really love the idea of combine an exploratory plataformer game with a command line terminal!

Unfortunately, I didn't finished. I will glad any kind of (in-game) help.