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Great game, nice mechanics and graphics designs.

Very, very nice game, I love all!

Awesome game! More puzzles please.

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Joguinho muito bom! Maldito otap não largava do pé, kkkk

Nice game! Well done!

Really nice game, I love the mechanics and the puzzles.

Rush rush 00:08:42:27

Poor Dino! Lovely game, the confusion its the best.

Very god game, and very god job. The final boss :) !

Great game! Lots of fun.

Nice!! Only need a better controls.

Really great game, I love the mechanics.

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Great platforming game and with a cat :). 8m36s I can't upload the image.

Really cool and great game! I love the concept and the devil!

Great game, nice concept, remeber Prince of Persia rewind the time. We need more levels.

Great game! Very cool!

Great game, love the mechanics, top must!

Great game and fun!

Very nice game!

Good game, nice platform game.

Nice game! I love the mechanics. Only 93 deaths :)

Nice game, nice puzzles, sushi at level 9... grrrr!

Great game, short but nice.

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Great job, I love the concept. 

Boa maneira de continuarmos a jogar o mesmo curto jogo, mudando os finais.

Great game.

Very nice game! More puzzles please.

Great job, nice game!

Very cool game!