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"Noteboos" (formerly "5/7" in 1.3.2 and earlier) is most likely to be the notebook count text's default text, as how "Nothing" (also formerly "Item" in 1.3.2 and earlier) is the default text for the item text.

Actually, Baldi changes angle due to his waving animation.

1.4.3 is not possible to decompile. Actually, it is, but it causes broken materials, sprites and other stuff that can't be fixed. If you're wanting to a 1.4.3-type decompile. you will have to port the content from the 1.4.3 to 1.3.2 and so on.

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Is there any plans for more moddable things in the future, like a porting utility for porting mods from older versions to newer ones? Just asking. 

Another thing that could have been changed to not be clipped when modded could be the menu elements, for example, Story Mode and Endless Mode icons, the buttons, etc?

Replace the "Mono", "UnityPlayer.dll" and the game's executable with the ones from Baldi V1.2.2 or any game which has the same version of Unity as it, but has 32-bit compatibility.