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One question, by purchasing the Patreon version will I have access to the following updates of that version or would I have to buy it again?

I'm not good with English, but could someone give me a mini tutorial of what I have to do when starting the game?

Is the game definitely dead? I thought there was a way to get into the last room

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Does anyone know why I already have the mission, and the rats don't appear to fight?

Does anyone know what needs to be done to advance this mission?

If you go to the park and decide to talk to the otter, he will give you the option to collect water from puddles and you will get it there.

Does anyone know how long I have to train with the orc or what I have to do afterward to advance the story?

Could someone help me by explaining why I can't drink Kru's positions? It tells me that they are non-usable items.

Could someone tell me what other missions there are after finishing the sewer, the wolf and the wild boar, and the demon that is going to visit you in your room? Because I already finished all of those and I don't know what. do more

Does anyone know how I can activate or obtain Mpreg?

thank you so much

What password is placed here?