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I read the faq meaning I'm referencing jojo by seeing


Hello there! I'm want to use the character assets for a game I'm making and I wanted to see with you if it was ok. If you did say it was ok, I was going to switch up the character's color a bit. If this is all ok please tell me. Have a good day or night!

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Hello. I was playing this game yesterday when, all of a sudden when I booted the game up, there was absolutely no audio. I deleted and reinstalled it, but nothing works. Every time I boot it back up, it’s complete silence. Is there any way to fix this with the game itself, or do I just have to deal with it?  I use the Windows 64bit version.

ok ill send an ss on here of my desktop once i do it so i can make sure

Sorry, but im kinda new to pc gaming (I use console most of the time)  so I put it in the .exe, like move the files in it?

like I put it in the .exe or I just put all the files on the desktop

Really good!

Thanks for the help I'll play it like that for now, but is there any way I can take out the funkin.exe and put it on my desktop or no? 

I got the 64-bit  version cause I have a 64-bit laptop pc

It's my first time playing and I downloaded it but it keeps giving me an error message. I'd love it if you guys could help me!

why must you hurt me