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Really interesting mechanic, now that you brought Tetris to the platforming realm, I guess the only thing left is to bring platforming to Tetris ;)

For real though, not only is the game incredibly inventive, but a lot of depth is explored through the level design, without making the mechanic feel like a throw-away gimmick. The mood is also really on point, so I would legitimately wouldn't mind a full fledged release. Even if what is here mechanically is already enough to sell the idea, there is always room for more I think!

Quite a bit of polish overall! There are some nitpicks like the mix of pixel based sprites with the rest of the assets, which can be a bit jarring, but with just a little bit of polish here and there, and some added flare and pizzazz, the game could be goty contender!

Pretty tight little game! Not only does it have its own style, but you guys also managed to pull off a convincing atmosphere. All in all, it completely delivers what it sets out to do, and in a pretty flawless way at that.

Despite the amount of care that was clearly put into the game though, as well as all its attention to detail and polish, there are some visual and audio oddities once in a while, but nothing game-breaking. That said, after a while, the boy started freezing after taking the first picture in the upmost spot, which led me to an hard reset of the game, but other than that, the game is spot-on! Good job guys!

Really polished look and feel! The only aspects I could potentially point out are design related, such as spawning enemies behind the player's ship even though there is no powerup that allows shooting backwards. Also, while it seemed weird at first to have a regenerating life system similar to something out of an fps, I feel like there could be potentially some interesting ideas to be explored around it, such as allowing life to regenerate faster if the shooting button is not being pressed. That said, I really appreciate the fact that the life bar changes color, making it really easy to gauge the ships current state at a glance.

Anyway, ramblings aside, really looking forward to play a more developed version of this game!

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If you ever wanted to beat the living crap out of the cars that make up the traffic in Outrun this is the game for you! Also, air drifting hadoukens, what's there not to love?

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Absolutely dripping with atmosphere, so much so, that you feel each and every step you take, which is also due to the slow and methodical animations (god, i love them so much). To anyone scrolling through the comments hesitating on downloading the game, please do so, it's a big recommend to anyone who has a PC to run it... or if you really like the PAL cover art of resi 4.

Okami 2 released earlier and came with a cute dino plushie. 10/10 would play again :D

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The polish in this is one is absolutely astounding! It's really something beyond  belief, fantastic work guys!

Also I know no one asked for my opinion, and that you'll surely have most of this stuff figured out already since this is only a demo, but still, I'm a whiny brat, I can't contain myself hehe Like several ppl seem to be pointing out, custom button mapping would be really cool, but that's not new to you I assume. Other than that, I felt that when you have to deal with both sides at the same time, the spacing you get on the screen for each side gets slightly shrunken down, giving you less time to react and throwing you off, but once again, that could just be me subconsciously coming up with excuses.

That said, good job, keep at it, and best of luck! :)

Oh, and one more thing, Waiting has some serious Mass of Fermenting Dregs vibe going on. Very nice hahaha

I wouldn't really call it being smart, I mean, you mention it in the first paragraph hahaha That said, happy to hear development on future projects is going well. Can't wait!

Truly the Dark Souls of caves rd games!

For real though, is it weird to say that this doesn't feel like one of your environments? I know it isn't, but still, it just makes you appreciate even more the tight little experiences, filled with landmarks and points of reference, and above all, overall flow to the game that the other entries in this "series" have.

 While I feel like I could go to the Fushimi Inari shrine, or Castle Rock Beach and know exactly my way around, in this one I just felt completely lost at all times, and I feel I won't be able to make a mental map of Syon Park anytime soon!

Low key, it made me feel like a lost kid scrambling in order to find its parents or something of that sort, feeling which is actually accentuated by the fact that the "main scenario" is at night... while a downpour is occurring... I mean, if you remove the tracks playing in the background, we start to enter into horror territory here hahaha

Still, beautiful as always, especially during the day.  

In the end, I actually don't have anything to say really. I just realized how cosy and tight the other experiences are, and for some reason felt like sharing my thoughts :P

Can't wait to re-experience the Alps from the comfort of home though, that is, if that project is still going strong, and if it is, best of luck! 

I should have written a "thank you" comment a long time ago, back when I grabbed this, but somehow it just slipped by... Better late than never I guess! 

Anyway, beautiful work, just like all your other stuff! Id be fine with just a tiny open space like this I could freely explore, but the photography aspect really elevates all these experiences to another level. So yeah, that's about it. Thank you so much for these amazing experiences and thanks for making me discover The Glow Pt. 2 ;)

Thank you so much for the video :D  Regarding the controls and the game's polish in general, stay tuned for updates in the near future!

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Art and animations are top notch, which in turn makes the recurrent bugs and iffy combat such a big shame. Not gonna lie though, pole vaulting around the level is genuinely loads of fun! 

The polish on display here is just beyond amazing! Not to mention the detail. You know you're in good hands when houses actually have more than one room, and getting into your room from the door on the balcony is actually accounted for! Gorgeous art, slick soundtrack... and iffy depth perception... guess we can't win them all!

A bit disappointed you don't get anything from climbing to the top of the lighthouse, although I have a smaaall hunch that wasn't supposed to happen hahaha

Interesting control scheme! Not quite Steel Battalion levels, but still gives the idea of being in control of a machine. I think using both analogs would give better results, but thats just me throwing ideas around!

Polished, nice vibe, and above all, an amazing and really inovative puzzler that does the whole "3 dimensional prespective change as a central game mechanic" in a new and brilliant way. Really solid work!