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Yeah in the app 100% works. Now you should try to make Image of Archives from the library of babel basically the canvas of babel where every image combination is possible. When you upload your image in the app it converts to numbers and that's the seed for the image.

Its really annoying but what if i want to paste a hexagon I've got from the library of babel, or I saved one and I want to review it. 

You have to write the whole entire hexagon like 3255 characters.

same reminds me of a dark gloomy place :/

LOL i didnt think someone will make a game about this :)

on windows 10 when i run the app my windows defender says wow this is a dangerous aplication are you sure? isnt dangerous?

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Can remake this game for pc because movment dosent work on pc!

Because its a Vr game!

I dont know man they just dissapear like crazy if a libarian take  all book on your hexagon where you was there?!

I want a search system that wen you search finds your book title or pages!