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loved it. so fun haha


love all powerhoof games. Love it!!

Cool game, I just finished it and it was fun. The only thing I didn't like was that the text was too slow... too much text maybe, but I guess it makes the game simpler for you to make. Anyway, good idea.

Oh god. This was too addictive. Such a great idea! Awesome.

Oh. So they appear in another folder? Sorry about that. I'll do.

Of course, because I work developing games. I'm too tired. haha. In the game jam in fact I was an illustrator.

I feel bad for not answering you for this long. but finally I got to use the computer where this crashed, and I remembered this.

I get no log report anywhere in any folder. No unity message saying it has crashed and a log report has been written. 

Just this after hitting play... no idea what happens. I press play, and then this appears after a couple of seconds. Then the game turns off.

Oh no. I participated in Global Game Jam of 2018. But I'm always playing games from other people. I just chose this jam, no reason in particular.

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Well. I don't have the possibility to play all games. And I trust the rankings, I have no other way and not much time. There should be official rankings from the creators of the jam. or an official jury...that'd be awesome. 

Where do you find the rating period? I didn't know there was one!

I'm new in itch gamejams. I'm always downloading and testing games, I love to see what people create.

But I'm also looking for good rated games. Some don't work at all, some are broken, have too many bugs. But I want to play games that have more ratings (even though it can be fake... but well).    

When it says 50K ratings in the submissions... where are those represented? Which games are more rated?  Only some game jams sort the list by starts / ratings.  Where is that? There's no filter here for any of that. I can't see the ratings.


Nice short game. made it!  Thanks a lot!

Nice idea. Would have loved to find sounds and music in it. Would add a lot of extra fun. :-) 

1130 points. Stressful !!! agh!    Awesome game.

Love it. congratulations

Thanks to people giving rankings in game jams we finally find good games. This is AWESOME.

Doesn't execute. Windows 64bit. every option I press crashes the game.

NO MULTIPLAYER. Why is it listed on the multiplayer category?

The mac script doesn't run. Returns an SDL error. Not working with MacOS Catalina and another previous version.    Windows working.

Awesome game. well done!