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Hi! Thanks for reading and considering my thoughts! I`m looking forward to your changes, they sound very good! Pretty sure those will make for a great replay value!

Take care and have fun!



I wanted to give some feedback after I realised how much time I`ve spent already on the game lol :)

So the problem I see is that the gameplay is basically always the same once you`ve figured it out. It goes like this:

1. You unlock one of the best airports (the same airposrts are always very good or bad. It`s mainly Tokyo, Hongkong, Bankok, Munich an Atlanta. Missed one or two. The rest aren`t worth it. They are the best, because their percentage grows the fastest anad that`s the only important measure.

2. Then you wait for the the percentage tp go up and buy planes for this route only. Since passangers grow as a percentage, at some point it grows out of control and you can`t for the life of it transport all pannengers, and you lose the airport.

3. Foreseeing this, you have unlocked the second best airport a while ago and waited for it`s demand to grow, so you do the same with the next airport until you lose it again and start over with the third and so on.

4. At some point you will have achieved the goal oof passengers or profit or planes etc.

I`m wondering, is this the intended way to play? Or are there things I`m missing?

My suggestion is to 

1. Randomize airports quality every game. 

2. Don`t make them too different (It`s like night and day atm). 

3. Cap the max passengers at some point.

4. Make running airports A LOT more expensive! It`s 0 atm and it shows. Also show a financial overview of how many flights, how much was payed for keroesene, etc and how much income for what kind of route and plane.

thanks for reading! These are just some thoughts ad suggestions, in case you`re interested!

Thank`s for making the game! I like it!



I`ve played it a bit and I like it so far! That is, until i have too many droness, cause then they don`t work anymore as they are supposed to.

Not sure if the threshold is a certain number of drones, or queued up jobs or something else. But at some point, the logistic drones stop working while at least one mining drone is working.

As soon as >no< mining drone is working anymore, the logistic drones start doing their job and bring all the metal to the storage containers.

Only very rarely are some drones working together at the same time. Monstly newly crafted ones I think.Also it seems as if fewer and fewer logistic drones are actually working. Some just stay stuck at the storage containers.

And a last one more thing. I´ve been wondering. What happens if I don`t have enough or even any repair drones? What are they actually doing? How do drones get damaged?

Thank you very much for sharing this game!


Thanks a lot!


planeagement community · Created a new topic Fun!


Thank you for making and publishing this game! I`ve played several hours now without a break because it`s so enjoyable!

I like the challenges, and I`m looking forward to the harder ones. Easy is indeed easy but still enjoyable! Having the option to adjust the challenges is also a great idea!

I found the UI a bit confusing in the beginning with overlaying windows and arrows, but I got used to it. However, I still haven`t figured out how to get to the upgrade window without having to buy an upgrade.

[Tl;dr] Enjoyable little casual strategy game that can make you addicted!

Thank you very much!


Surprisingly addictive!

I wished there was a lot more content lol :)

What language did you use in Godot? I`ve recently started to dabble in game design but I haven`t decided for an engine yet and whether I even want to learn code or rather use drag&drop first.

Anyways, if you feel like adding a thing or two to the game, would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for the game!

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Win 10, Firefox,  AMD Ryzen with Radeon Vega 8 mobile, GTX 1650 (for laptop).



Started it and iafter starting sandbox, it flickers like crazy. When I change the window (fullscreen or anything else), it stops flickering for half a second or so and then gets dark. Music keeps playing


Cool game! Certainly fun to play! Is there a way to increase difficulty? Or will you inmpelemt it some time?

Thanks for the game!

I see. Well thank you very much from this great game!

Nice one! Good luck and  have fun!

Cool, thanks!

I'm impressed! For a prototype, it works incredibly well so far. I have yet to encounter a real bug! It only crashed once when I was changing the resolution.

I really like the love to detail in the story/worldbuilding! Like how your different bosses insult and demean each other... Jeofry :)

How everything is hypercapitalistic and run by companies...  birthcompany?!?! What the heck!

How ones worth is simply their net worth, and so on... Well done!

The game is interesting and demanding aswell.

Thanks foor letting me play for free!



I think you could legitimately increase the price on steam to 10$. Comparing to Factorio and Automation Empire (25€!!), it's a fair price. Plus you could join sales, which seems to be an important part for games nowadays. Just my thoughts, don't expect you to follow them or anything.

Btw, I had difficulties paying and even donating on I guess I will just have to buy it on steam aswell...


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Thanks for checking it out, unfortunately I have no clue what to do. I am using 64bit Windows. Maybe it'll work next time I reinstall my Windows system :)


I tried it but unfortunately I got an error before it even launched: Error: spawn icacls returned code 6

There hasn't been any new content in the early access version, right?  Can we maybe have a couple new maps to play with? Maybe a simple random map generator, just for a nice game every now and then? I've played it like three or four times now, and I'd love to have something new :)


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It is cool! 20 is a lot for an early access title, but I think it's worth it! If you can wait a couple of weeks, you might get lucky and get it a little bit cheaper in a sale AND have any game-breaking bugs taken care of already! I couldn't wait though and I don't regret it. Unfortunately, even good ant games aren't as popular as they deserve to be, so I'm happy to support (with money) those developers who are brave enough to do it anyways AND do it right.

There was a kickstarter 2 years ago with a really impressive looking game (Formicarium - but it wasn't successful and the developer stopped working on it. It broke my heart.

I like it a lot so far! Hard mode is actually a good challlenge in the first two levels I have played. The meta game is a really good idea, but I'll have to play a bit more to better see what I really like and what might need improvement... So far I'm really glad I bought it!

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A steam key is a key that you can use to activate a game on a steam account. After that, you own the game on steam as if you had bought it. Obviously you can only do that once.

It doesn't seem to be cheaper. For me it's 19.99€, which actually sucks because 19.99$ is less. But that's how steam cheat us. 

Nice video! I enjoyed it! It's a shame that this game won't be developed any further.

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Wow, what a great idea and very well done! Seriously, why hasn't anybody thought of this before?! It's super interesting and has the potential to be an incredibly deep, strategic game with great replayability! I enjoyed playing it a lot and was very sad when I realised lifting the anchor meant ending the game. I thought I'd get new areas with fresh loot and so on ;(

Well done!

Apron Academy community · Created a new topic Busted

Love how you define busty lol!