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Hello, no sorry, these are all static.

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I wasn't even aware that bitcoin payment was a thing, haha.
I'll look into it.

Edit: It Should be possible to pay with bitcoin now?

Glad I could help! Have Fun :^)

Thanks :)
I've been super busy as of late so my free time has been thin. I finally had some time off for the holidays.


Not with these, but I've seen a few games already using these. Some of these monsters have origins in previous projects. I might eventually make a game using these designs but no plans at the moment.

Thanks B)

Thanks :)

Soon™ :^)

Hello inTech.

1. The sprites are colored in GB pallet of 4 shades of gray as well as each color pallet the GBC offers to original gameboy games. The sprites are laid in sheets by their pallets and contain additional information for further pallet info for added authenticity (if purchased, refer to the included readme that has a section on sprite pallets in gbc)
2. You are free to edit these however you would like and use them in any way you like, royaltee free and attribution free. The only thing is that the sprites must be a part of some work (i.e. Don't take the pack and sell/redistribute it like it was your own.) Commercial works are fine, in any form of media you choose.