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I wish I can take a part time job or something to fund my monkey project, while I wait for my monkey to generate money

Wow, this is actually very well thought out. Thanks for the game! 

An update for my best bug ever: I recreate the terrarium with his gene, his offsprings survive this time. Because of his high mutation (76?) his offspring are very different. They all have very long life just like him, and rarely reproduce.

Yeah, I enjoyed it a lot, although I don't understand the dead and reproduce condition of the bugs. Also idk what FINGER means 

He lets a bug live. That bug worth more than 2000 dollars now. There is no offspring from both of them

I now have this super strong herbivore. He is gen 1, been living for half an hour and still continues, ate all of his offspring, killed all creatures that dared attack him, monolize the patch of grass only to himself. I have never thought that my stable ecosystem would consist of grass and 1 single invincible, immortal purple bug

I cannot get any canivore, so my bug population is always out of control :<

Shouldn't I have won?

9000 reward:


I am repeating the process many time, but I keep hitting 2 main problems:

  1. The general growth is either upward or downward, while I am expecting it to be divided between an upward groups of cells and an downward groups of cells based on wether they are under the ground
  2. The cells are blocking their path themselves, because the environment is 2D

This one looks really realistic: 


Hello, I have a problem with the game. I'm on Mac, I cannot open the game with love 11.2 and got error main.lua:13. I can open the start screen with Sagittarius (another game made with love, I could open it without love), but pressing any button to start the game leads to another error.  

me too...