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Great game! I really enjoy gameplay! :)

thank you! :)

Thanks again :-)
We could pass the first level almost staying on top of the screen. The second level predicted it and we needed to pass through it normally :-)

Thank you very much! We are happy you liked it! :-)
The aim of the repetitive obstacles is to give the player a chance to pass through them in the darkness when you couldn't grab any candy. They can be bigger or smaller, so you need to risk a bit what we think will be funnier and make you pround when you pass though such darkness. ;-) Thank you for comment!

Didn't have M&M either

I'm gonna take your candy...

Do your homework! xDD

Complete :-)

Very nice graphics!

But the UI is not responsive. I have 18:9  screen and pause button was barely seen.

It would be better if the score was showed for the whole time. :-)

Game complete :-)

Graphics are awesome :D

But I passed amost the whole game with 0% battery (couldn't find any energy). And I had only one enemy for the whole game :/

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I fell down through the wall xD

I placed towers but they didn't kill pumpkins. What did I do wrong?

And I like the surrounding. Has its atmosphere :-)

I like the idea of getting inside the bodies of NPCs. :-)

My best score is 65 :-)

Didn't know that xD

Cool, thanks!

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Uff, man... my hand hurts but I think I reached max level xDD

After dead, my level was restarted to 1 but it was much harder to get next levels. After restarting the whole game it was easier again.

And I like your particle system with these yellow and purple circles :D

First time I survived for 3 minutes. Next time almost 5... My hand hurts xDD

My best score today ^^

Thanks :-)

Can I post a Web alternative to posted the game while the voting is on or is it againt the rules? :-)

Can we use any royalty free music and sound effects?