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Here's hoping the second one makes things more confusing for you!

That was exactly the reaction I was looking for with the sound effects. I did want to put in some random samples of kid's footsteps in the background, but I couldn't get them to shut up for long enough. So you'll have to deal with realistic pancakes for now.

Sure, nothing is ever completely bug-free. Although it is Australian English so there may be that.

Email us at and we can talk.


Chapter 2 has something like an additional 150+ sound cues on top of the 150 or so done for Doug, so this is a big milestone for me...

Hello all!

When I decided to make this game pay-what-you-want, it was the beginning of lock downs around the world, and we all thought that it would "all be over by summer". 

The only problem is that we never specified by which summer it would be over. It's looking like 2025 to me right now...

In any case, I had always hoped that Historia would be somewhat of a commercial game. Not to make a lot of money, but to allow us to fund things like massive sound effects libraries, virtual instruments, and infinite pancakes for the art team. I've never really been a fan of kickstarters or patreons, because I like to think that the work should be finished before you start asking people for money. Maybe I'm old school.

That being said, we did realise that there is a lot of interest in our progress, and there is a lot more marketing required to get a VN off the ground than I originally thought. And to that end, we've started a Pateron

The intent here is to post some non-spoiler sketches, how-to videos, and (shortly) High-Res versions of the Soundtrack (more news on that next week!) 

So if you're interested in following the projects a little more closely and getting some idea of where we are progress-wise, we're more motivated to keep the Pateron updated than the blog. 

Let us know what you think of the tiers here, and if there is anything that you'd like to see on the Pateron!

Cam "Cpl Crud" ONeill

Altair and AlexCheese have managed to find the complete solution to the First Blog Puzzle! 

Congrats and enjoy your $100 prize!

Hi there everyone, and thanks for the interest in Historia. I hope we were able to live up to your expectations!

If you'd like to discuss theories with us, or learn more about the game, feel free to join us there!

See you in the Chat!

Hello everyone!

I know that you're all keen to know about Chapter 2, but there's not much that I can tell you about that right now.

However, if you want to kill some time between now and the release of Chapter 2, might I suggest checking out our blog at ?

If you're into cyptographic puzzles, the posts from December 20th 2019 to Jan 4th 2020 contain information that will lead you to a way to decode the video below. The first person to email us with the correct answer will get $100.