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you must run the (.exe) file

If you are referring to the sleepover with naruto, the song is called "The Mouse House".

 we were having some problems uploading the new update

 we were having some problems uploading the new update

No, there is no cheat

If the bar is too annoying I will try to make it clearer for the next versions, or simply remove it.

Not a bad idea, although I would have to see which characters could be.


plus the orange archipelago.

I'm not sure yet how many characters there will be.But I want at least the most important characters from the 9 regions to be there.

No, I just released a demo, while I continue with Naruto Trainer.


sorry for not seeing your comment HikaEsty.

These days I was with exams at the university, but I'm back with the development of the next version.

Hello Kimloo.

At the moment I'm not sure, I'm very busy these 2 weeks so I can't work on a new version at the moment.

Hello Winddevil1!

Sure, we will add new characters. 

I will probably take votes on my discord or patreon server to add new characters to the story.

Hi, I don't have a clear date at the moment.

I am very busy these weeks

Hello, MilkShake456.

There are currently no cheats in this version

Hi, Zanethegoat!

yes, all sex scenes are animated.

if that's what you mean


Hi, Goated Studio! 

I'll fix it right away, I'll try to make it more transparent.

Hi Ninja65!, thank you very much for letting me know about this error.

I will fix it soon

(1 edit)

only a few details need to be polished

When we finish, we will publish the new version.


Thank you very much for letting me know

Actually, it is already available
Here is the link:

thanks, I'm glad you like the game :D

hello  KumaKuma435! <3

I don't know if it would be a good idea to add a skip button, I think the best thing in that case would be for the player to simply not get involved and continue with the story and unlock another ending.

I added a special thank you for you

I hope you don't mind if I use your design.

hello Rodolfo24, sure. although it will be available in future updates

hello jadih96207, I love it!

I was thinking of changing the menu, although I would make some small changes to your idea.

-add imagesbuttons.

-change the background to a gif, (although I still don't know which character).

- a few more things like the size of the letters.

Muchas gracias por tu apoyo!, estoy muy contento de que les guste esta nueva visual novel <3

Me diste una idea, de agregar una barra de "Moral" o algo por el estilo. aunque de momento no tiene sentido que nuestro personaje busque venganza, ya que aun no conoce de su pasado, eso sera agregado en futuras actualizaciones!.

talvez visitemos a nuestra madrasta en "el mas alla" ;)

Hello AndreAssis744! I'm glad you like the game!

At the moment we do not know when the next update will come out since we are working on a new Visual Novel.

There are pages and discord groups where you can get many models.

search on google Illusion Game cards

hi Guille01 , we will keep updating the game!

HI tapper17 

No, at the moment there are no cheats. 

hello Arudion , it's a good idea 

I could also add the female version of naruto and have scenes with both options.

Hello Vasylyshyn, it is not complete yet

we will keep adding content to the game.

Hi Princeporky ,try downloading it again, we fixed it.

hello Princeporky, thank you for mentioning it !

I'm working on fixing it

at the moment the only way to go back is to press "Rollback" in the error window.

thanks for letting me know, we will fix it in the next update as we are close to its release.

I am already working on the next update, but at the moment we don't know when it will be released.

We think it will be in the middle of next month.