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This is awesome! Combo Pool is one of my favorite PICO-8 games, and fitting it into 1k - while still having it look and feel great - is amazing.

Got it, that makes a lot of sense! Maybe I'm overly fixated on the sizecoding aspect. :)

-- and thank you! Not much in the pipe right now but hopefully that changes at some point.

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Super nice! Always awesome to see MicroW8 in the wild.

I'm impressed that you got this all working in 256b in C! For tiny intros like this I definitely recommend writing in CurlyWas - the inline/lazy declaration modifiers in particular are really really convenient for size optimization.

(Just realized this was from almost a year ago - not sure why Itch only recommended this to me now!)

Whoa - this is super pretty, especially for only 500 characters. 

This is fun and it looks great! But wow - it's tough. Nice work!

This is about discovery, not control! :)

But yeah - agreed that a few presets might help. I'm thinking of doing an expanded post-jam version that adds a few easy missing features, so adding presets would make sense.

Interesting! Pico-8 will talk to the RPi GPIO pins so something might be possible there ... I'm kinda short on tokens but something basic may not be too hard to write if I can get a Pi set up appropriately for testing.

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I wish I could make it less lo-fi! Unfortunately that’s a PICO-8 limitation. But I might work on a higher fidelity successor for a different platform in the future - no promises though. :)

I’ll see about turning off the full screen start!

Thank you! I just uploaded a new version that I think fixes all the filter stability issues.... (Adds a DC blocker to the resonance path.)