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THANKS A LOT I really wanted to see more. I'll get a patreon membership since I am not really good at waiting

Btw do you already have a set order on the making of the routes ? I know Tai's next but I am more curious about the other ones.

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Same.I never felt worse before.It was just heartbreaking. ; _ ;

Honestly I really loved the story ,but I'm still a little disapointed it doesn't have one or two more days because *spoiler ahead* I really got hyped about the meeting the family part only to find out the story stops rigth before and I also wanted to see the developement of the new relationships and how kyrex now interacts with others now that things are settled, especialy on the work side of things since he got his job back but lukas is still kinda against it. 

But still, thanks for the great story  :)

sorry for bad english, not sure I am very clear

"posted 30 seconds ago" what a good timing to check for updates X)

I can never change my choices by scrolling back so I have to save before I make on and it's a little annoying but I'm still loving it.

ty I finnaly can see them all, it's in the options you need to turn on "show adult content" I never noticed it before

Am I the only one having trouble with When I add the tags gay, furry ,visual novel I always only have the same 30 results and this game is not on the list for some reason, there is way more than 30 but I always land on them accidentaly. Because of that I'm pretty sure I missed a lot of great games like this one.

Anyone know why they don't show up?

Hey can you add the version on the file name for the next updates pls because I always get problems like opening the wrong build and when you want to extract I always have to change the previous file name or put it somewhere else.

Sry if I'm asking to much

Did the project get dropped? I was so excited about the father and son route but it's been over 6 month since last update ,I heard the dev had some trouble but nothing serious I hope he's ok .

Don't worry we are only at the beginning the game will have 14-15 days if I remember correctly


I decided to play the route again,I did the touchy ending a while ago and got some things wrong first I forgot there was no day 6 ,so I'm going to be more precise about the choices you have to make. On day five don't go to the playground just go home ,you will meet mark after that choose to feel awful after that pick up the phone and go to playground with gil then say you like him and admit after that you will come back home and then you can make a joke and you will get the touchy ending.

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On the fifth day of Gil, when the map option comes out, don’t go to the playground, go directly home, and then you will meet Mark. After that do "feel awful" and pick up the phone after that go to playground and tell gil you like him and "admit". Finally when gil comes at your house , choose “Make a joke” when talking to him and enjoy the touchy ending. 

No it's the same discord ,like I said it got closed to public but is still accessible for patreons

Someone else also asked but I couldn't find it either

The discord closed for public after they had some trouble with *ssholes

They are released in the same order than the patreon version so yes the next day is coach gil day6.

The next one is the day 6 of coach gil and for the release date ,updates usually come every month if there is no problems.