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This was a really great game! I loved it. However, now I want to cry, oh my gosh. Great job. 

This game is truly just a masterpiece. I have never been so touched by any other game in my life. I recommend this game 1,000%. Great job, and thank you for giving us the priviledge to play this wonderful game.

some say this isnt all accurate, but i wouldnt know lol. other than that, this was interesting to play!

Very laggy, so it was hard to play, however this was a really good game nonetheless and I really liked it! Keep up the good work, Dev! :)

it was good! liked it! 

i really liked this game! it really captured what its like to live with anxiety, and i related very well to this. thank you.

this was a very good game/story. it was short and sweet, but it meant a lot. thank you. :)

i loved it! nice little game :


im so confused but i love it no hom

this was so cuuuute loved i

even though it was really short, it was a really cool game :) i liked it